Tips and tricks for fast hair growth

Everyone wants to look striking when they are going outside in that hair is most important aspect for every one for looking beautiful especially for women’s. They are always maintaining their hairs and wants thick and long hairs. Although there are many techniques for hair growth, but not all are trustworthy and safe for hair. In this article I’m going to mention ways how to make your hair grow faster.
Firstly, you have to know what is the reason behind hair fall and slow hair growth? Using artificial products, dandruff, dry scalp, improper diets are cause slow hair growth. There are some natural methods you can use for fast hair growth.

Following are the ways
Drink water- don’t let your scalp dry. Drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water every day. Try warm water for best results. You have to keep your body hydrated.
Protein- taking proper proteins is most essential. Consuming 120 gm of meat is suggested for fast hair growth. You can take plant based proteins such as beans, nut, legumes, and tofu.
Biotin- hair cells are damaged by lack of biotin. These are most essential for nourishing hair. Biotin helps for growth of hair and removes whiteness from hairs. Consuming proper amount of biotin helps stop hair falls. The main source of biotin is salmon, oysters, nuts and avocados.

Vitamin C- this is moat important for skin and hair. Citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, red peppers are most common source of vitamin c.
A good breakfast- taking complete breakfast heals your hair roots and provides essential proteins to hair cells.
Use natural products- try to use only natural products in your scalp. This resists any hair cell damages. Natural products never harm your scalp and hair cells.
So these are some natural ways for how to make hair grow faster in a week . These can be used by everyone for natural hair growth.